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Leveraging CatchUp calendar app for effective Interview scheduling

Posted on 18th Jul 2020

As organizations tend to grow their needs to effectively manage time and better utilize each resource is as important as managing their client projects. One of the key aspects for every company is hiring the right candidates, but is it as simple as it is stated?

Many HRs agree that they spend most of the time calling and setting up the interview schedules, typically a recruiter makes at least 3-4 calls to makes check the candidate’s and interviewers schedules, then sends out the invites to both of them using the email address and the biggest problem here is calling them for following up asking them to accept or checking them a day before and on the day of the interview if they are on-schedule.

We at catchup calendar do not spend as much time as other recruiters spend in calling, we leverage our app to effective communication with our Scheduling and Chat features, the recruiters schedule the interview based on mobile numbers with candidates and interviewers and can also use third-party apps like Zoom for bridge-line. Both the parties can RSVP from the app and can also chat within the interview event. This feature helped our recruiters save time and hire fast and received great feedback from hiring managers that they are not annoyed by too many calls from our recruiters.

About CatchUp

CatchUp is a fast, easy to use, and fully featured calendar and event scheduling app that provides convenience to smartphone users in managing their daily schedules and businesses to engage their customers.