Alerts and Reminders

Customize event alerts and reminders for a specific event or for all events.

Audio/Video conference

Integrated Zoom conference for businesses/Individuals to connect with their clients/family.

Check Availability

Check availability of a person or a group to find a right spot for the event.

Copy Event

Copy an existing event to create a new event for a different date without filling all details again.


Never get double booked. CatchUp alerts you when you create or receive a conflicting event.

Group Chat

Communicate and send updates within a meeting group using the integrated meeting group communication system.


Create contact groups with your friends and family to send event invites faster.


Quickly look back at the events and event discussions to cherish past celebrations.

Location and Navigation

Is it meeting time? Just tap the location in event details or event alert and you are ready to be navigated.


You can choose to block a user or mute/stop notifications for a specific event or all events.


All app communications happens on a secure and reliable HTTPS connections with encrypted credentials.

Share Event

Events created through CatchUp can also be shared on your favorite social media platforms. Host does not have to add huge number of participants in the event manually.

Response Tracking

Track responses from meeting participants, new joiners of a shared event and the delivery status of meeting invites for accurate planning.

Time Zone Intelligent

CatchUp takes care of recipients' time zone information and adjusts the time of the event accordingly.

Want to use CatchUp for business?