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Invite with Phone Number

Create an invite, an event or a reminder, to your phone book contacts in less than 30 seconds! No need to know their email IDs, just phone number is good enough! You can also send invites to persons who are not in your phone book contacts by simply entering their mobile number. No need to save the number to your contacts.

scheduling app scheduling app scheduling app scheduling app

Share Event

Events created through CatchUp can also be shared on your favorite social media platforms. Host of the meeting can allow sharing of the event with a unique link. This allow others to view the event details and accept it only if it is of their interest. Recipients who joined a shared event can re-share the same event as long as the share link is active. Host does not have to add huge number of participants in the event manually.

scheduling app
scheduling app scheduling app

Easy to Manage

Easily manage meetings with CatchUp. Create, Accept or share an event easily form a conveniently designed user interface . Helps plan and organize your agenda efficiently with conflict warning for overlapping events.

Meeting Group Communication

Communicate and send updates within a meeting group using the integrated meeting group communication system. System also provide user with information on status of the sent message enabling user to know if the message is delivered and or read by the recipients.

scheduling app scheduling app
scheduling app

Response Tracking

Track responses from meeting participants, new joiners of a shared event and the delivery status of meeting invites for accurate planning.

App and Event Settings

Customize app setting or a specific event settings from main settings or event settings respectively. Event settings include enable forwarding (host only), clone event or setup a specific tone and alert time for an event. App settings change the property at app level while event settings are applicable to a specific event.

scheduling app
scheduling app scheduling app

Meetings and Reminders

Setup one-on-one or group meetings, one-time or recurrent meetings. All with ease. CatchUp helps by reminding users with alerts and reminders along with snooze option.

Integrated Device Calendar

No need to switch between different calendars. Events in other calendars synced to device’s default calendar can be seen in CatchUp. This allows user to have a single app to manage all calendars and schedules at one place.Native Android/iOS calendar can be integrated into CatchUp from account settings! Currently, third party calendar apps can’t be integrated with CatchUp directly.

scheduling app
scheduling app

Calendar View

Get a view of each day’s meetings within a monthly calendar view at a glance. More views to come in upcoming releases.

Location and Navigation

Is it meeting time? Just tap the location in event details and you are ready to be navigated.

scheduling app
scheduling app scheduling app

App Shortcuts and Widget

User can conveniently create an event or a reminder from app icon shortcuts. Also, user can see glance of upcoming events from app widget.

About Us

About App

CatchUp is a fast, easy to use and fully featured calendar and event scheduling app that provides convenience to smartphone users in managing their daily schedules.


Our vision is to see every smartphone user relying on just phone number and a centralized app to plan, schedule and manage their daily activities.


Our mission is to provide every smartphone user in this world with a simple, easy to use and fully featured calendar and event scheduling app to create, send and manage meeting invites based just on phone number and to provide convenience to users in planning their daily schedules.

Features of the app include

One-on-one and group meetings

One-time and recurrent meetings

Integrated meeting group communication

Event updates, alerts and notifications

Integrated maps and navigation

device calendar

Security and account recovery

Share event on social media
Group calendar app

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best calendar app

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